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Illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist. Loves creating art in Corel Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Banzai Chicks Craig Horner Celebrity Endorsement and eFreesia Partnership

It’s been a while since I wrote on the Banzai chicks blog. At Wondercon in 2012, I gave a Banzai Chicks T-shirt to Craig Horner, the star of my favorite t-show that had a limited 2 season run, Legend of … Continue reading

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New T-shirts Modelled by Roselynn Salvage

I got my new Banzai Chicks screen printed t-shirts printed! They were printed by 3nuts here in Las Vegas and they did a top notch job! Here is there website if you need to get shirts done. They are modeled … Continue reading

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Finally…Adventures in Lip Balm 2 and New T-shirt Designs (published Feb 14)

If you were following my initial concept of producing Banzai Chicks Lip Balm, this is how it turned out. My sister, Annie, volunteered to make the lip balm using all organic ingredients. She had bought a $400 distiller to make … Continue reading

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Embedding WordPress into Your Existing Website (originally published Feb 4)

So Monday night, I actually went to a Las Vegas WordPress meet up. I didn’t know how powerful WordPress was. Every time you make a blog entry, WordPress sends information about your blog to all the search engines. Coupled with … Continue reading

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Banzai Chicks New Website Launched!

So after 2 weeks of redesigning the layout in Photoshop (and adding lots of new artwork to the banners) and 2 weeks of coding and incorporating Jquery downloaded from the internet (which included a tutorial on on CSS), my … Continue reading

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New Ideas for Banzai Chicks Products…Adventures in Lip Balm…

So coming up with ideas for Banzai Chicks merchandise can be quite fun. I’m always exploring new jewelry ideas, combing online jewelry supply websites and Etsy for innovative parts to make jewelry. Most of my creations have been successful with … Continue reading

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Busy in the New Year!

Happy New Year! The last month found me busy redesigning my Banzai Chicks website. I am converting the flash to a pure html and Jquery site so it can run on different platforms (especially mobile devices). I downloaded lots of … Continue reading

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