Banzai Chicks is a Girl Power Brand created by illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist, Sandra Chang-Adair. It features a group of cute Kawaii cartoon style martial arts girls that battle evil with their animal mascots. The Group consists of Coco the School Girl, Madison the Hispanic Steampunk Girl, Mika the Asian Punk Girl, Aisha the African American Leather Girl, Ricochet the Army Girl, Penelope the Gothic Lolita and Izumi the Geisha Girl. Sandra makes hand-made jewelry and screen printed t-shirts for sale on Etsy.com/shop/banzaichicks; digitally printed t-shirts and sweatshirts on banzaichicks.spreadshirt.com; skateboards, phone and iPad covers, Mac Book and Mac Air sleeves on zazzle.com/banzaichicks; and flip flops, baby clothes, pajamas, ipad, kindle and nook sleeves on cafepress.com/banzaichicks. For more information about Banzai Chicks, visit: www.banzaichicks.com


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