Banzai Chicks New Website Launched!

So after 2 weeks of redesigning the layout in Photoshop (and adding lots of new artwork to the banners) and 2 weeks of coding and incorporating Jquery downloaded from the internet (which included a tutorial on on CSS), my brand new and improved Banzai Chicks website is LIVE! I have to give a shout out to my ex-coworker, Martin Shueh, for helping me fix the gallery page (that damn Jquery) and for fixing the contacts page (I initially could not get any emails to be sent). Please check out all my hard work:

Banzai Chicks Website

The Brand New Banzai Chicks Website

So please spread the word and tell your friends to come visit! If you can, please sign up for my newsletter. I promise not to spam you more than once a month. I also created a brand new CafePress store which I still need to add new merchandise. What’s cool is the flip-flops I designed! I’ll have to buy myself a pair, although, I’m not sure which art to choose. I thought of putting Freckles on on foot and Ripley on another (so I don’t show any favors). Here is an example of some fun flip-flops!

Banzai Chicks Flip-Flops on CafePress

Banzai Chicks Flip-Flops on CafePress

Other noteworthy news…My Penelope the Gothic Lolita Chib Android Phone case got nominated for Zazzle’s Today’s Best Awards Showcase on Jan 21st! It’s nice to get noticed. I have my other chibis designed for iPhone, Android, iPod and Blackberry cases as well. You can go to my Banzai Chicks Zazzle Store to look at more designs if you are interested.

Penelope the Gothic Lolita Android Phone Case

Penelope the Gothic Lolita Chibi Android Phone Case

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything last week. I was busy making new jewelry for the Chinese New Year Street Fair in Last Vegas on Sunday, Jan 29th. I was informed two weeks prior about the event and my kung fu school, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan offered to let me share their table. Of course, I was freelancing for my old graphic design job and didn’t start making new jewelry for the event until 4 days before. I’ve got to make a resolution never to do that again. I had 1 hour’s worth of sleep Saturday night and was a zombie at the event. All and all, I did pretty well peddling my magnetic pendants and rings and sold a nice number of pendants. I will have to post my new double sided globe pendants next week. I made 10 and sold two. I was pretty happy with the results, since this was a new experiment of mine. I love inventing new creations for jewelry and seeing them manifest. I was also very proud of the students at my school. They put on a kick-ass performance on the stage at 1:30pm and their show blew everyone away. It was inspiring and I will have to work much harder in kung fu class to get to their skill level. Well, I’ve got to run. You’ll never guess where I’m going…I’m going to attend a WordPress workshop in Las Vegas. Hopefully, it will help me customize the interface to this blog better! Ciao…


About banzaichicks

Illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist. Loves creating art in Corel Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator.
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