New Ideas for Banzai Chicks Products…Adventures in Lip Balm…

So coming up with ideas for Banzai Chicks merchandise can be quite fun. I’m always exploring new jewelry ideas, combing online jewelry supply websites and Etsy for innovative parts to make jewelry. Most of my creations have been successful with research invested (like making magnetic pendants and rings with interchangeable glass lids with artwork), others have been frustrating and disasters (my faux-pas at learning soldered jewelry…my little 20mm double-sided glass dome pendants look messy and had too many sharp edges…soldering circuit boards when I was younger is way different than soldering jewelry. I think I will require more practice and experience in soldering. And now…my newest idea…Banzai Chicks lip balm.

This all came about when I was at dinner with the kung fu folks a week ago. Alicia, who also makes glass jewelry for sale on etsy, Halesia Designs, mentioned that she wanted to make her own soap. I thought about the cute Burt’s Bees lip balm I bought a week ago and blurted out loud, “I want to make lip balm!” Alicia responded that homemade lip balm was very simple to make. When I got home that evening she sent me a link to a bunch of lip balm recipes. Excited about the prospect, I searched the net for cute 1/4 oz round tin containers. Alas, that is what attracted me to the Burt’s Bees lip balm in the first place, the cool packaging (we graphic designers are suckers for great packaging).

Burts Bee's Lip Balm

Imagine a Banzai Chicks character on the face of this lip balm

I found a site that lithographs artwork directly on the metal, unfortunately the minimum print run is 15,000 units…that’s a lot of lip balm to sell…I hate to think how much that would cost! I’ll have to stick to stick-on labels, which won’t look as cool, but maybe I will crystal glaze the art on so they will look a little nicer.

Alicia also sent me an article about the dangers of petrochemicals in household products earlier in the week. It’s pretty scary that these chemicals permeate the home and are detrimental to your health: This got me thinking…I’m addicted to Carmex lip balm. Ever since I was in college I was plagued by dry chapped lips. My sister was in marching band and in the hot texas sun, she and her bandmates would swear by the benefits of Carmex. I’ve used it most of my life and one of it’s prime ingredients is petroleum. When I moved to Las Vegas, the super dry weather severely cracked my lips and Carmex ceased to protect them. Burt’s Bees was a little better, if I constantly replenished it several times a day. Looking over the recipes on the internet, most of them had healthy ingredients such as cocoa or shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and of course beeswax (to seal the moisture.) Getting organic ingredients would be more expensive, but a better alternative.

I was telling this to my sister, who loves plants and wanted to be a botanist in college, and she told me that she had already started making her own organic lip balm. She grows her own herbs and bought a $400 distiller and was making her own essential oils from her plants. She said she tried to make rosemary lip balm, but the cocoa butter made it smell like chocolate, and rosemary and chocolate together was not very appetizing. She offered to make the lip balm for me (including pouring it into the tins). How can I refuse? But it kind of defeats the fun of doing it yourself. She’s a busy Disney executive (unlike me, a nutty artist), so I foresee her possibly getting bored sometime in the future. But with her essential oils as a supply, I do plan to make some lip balm myself. Chocolate flavor or chocolate mint (using peppermint essential oils sounds good to me).

I’m planning to share a table with my kung fu school on February 29th (exactly 2 weeks from now) to sell some of my Banzai Chicks merchandise during Chinese New Year. If I can pull this off, maybe I can unveil some cool Banzai Chicks Lip Balm. This may be hard to pull off if I can coordinate this venture with my sister (if not, I can gather the ingredients and make a small batch myself), not to mention I will also have some jewelry to make for the show. It would be an interesting test to see how people would respond to lip balm in the Banzai Chicks Universe. Wish me luck!


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Illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist. Loves creating art in Corel Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator.
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