Busy in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

The last month found me busy redesigning my Banzai Chicks website. I am converting the flash to a pure html and Jquery site so it can run on different platforms (especially mobile devices). I downloaded lots of free Jquery galleries and slides off the internet and incorporated them into my design. Now begins the laborious task of converting everything into html code. I am currently running a CSS tutorial on http://www.Lynda.com (a fabulous site for learning programs, anything from Adobe Photoshop to Zbrush). I’m hoping to have the actual site up and running within a week or two (I’m sure I’m going to run into snags and will probably bother my ex-coworkers at my old graphics design job for problem-solving).

I also ran an analysis on my existing site to see the value of my keywords. I was definitely hitting the wrong demographic! Argh! My current market consisted of martial arts t-shirts and supplies, putting Banzai Chicks in the same category as superiormartialarts.com and martialartsmart.com. I have used both these sites to buy weapons for my kung fu classes, but I was hoping to hit the Kawaii, Manga loving female tweens to 35-year olds not men looking for karate uniforms. I had to choose different keywords and meta tags. When I am done with learning CSS, I will have to invest some time in search engine optimization.

I also started making some cute iPhone, Android and Blackberry cases using the Banzai Chicks chibis and mascots. I want to make some of all my characters. You can see my hard work (ha) here:

Coco the School Girl iPhone Case on Zazzle

Mika the Punk Girl iPhone Case on Zazzle

Madison the Steampunk Girl iPhone Case on Zazzle

The problem about designing cases is the different variations of products, (iPhone 3, iPhone 4, Android, iPod and Blackberry versions) you have to impart one design to. Rather time consuming, tedious work! I did get the honor of having 2 of my skateboard designs voted on Zazzle’s Todays Best Awards page. This means my products were featured on the first page.

Edgy Ricochet the Army Girl Skateboard on Zazzle

Izumi the Geisha Skateboard on Zazzle

One thing about designing is being picky about one’s work. After completing Madison’s mascots, Nutmeg and Buttercup the Chinchillas, I was unsatisfied with the artwork. I decided that chinchillas were just not fascinating enough. So I searched the internet for an alternative creature…something small and cute. I came across Sugar Gliders! Wow…this makes me want to get one or two, but they are a lot of work and very little is known about the proper care of these critters. Sugar gliders are a marsupial from Australia with a prehensile tail. They are about 12-13 inches with the tail incorporating most of the body, the body itself is 5-6 inches.They have five digits on each foot with an opposable toe on the hind feet. They are nocturnal and can glide like flying squirrels.



I considered other animals. Japanese flying squirrels, hamsters, jerboas (a weird little rodent that has huge ears and long skinny kangaroo like legs), hedgehogs and guinea pigs. I found a myriad of exotic and bizarre looking animals. To name a few (you should look these up on a google image search: axolotl, blob fish, tarsier dumbo octopus, mouse deer, and yeti crab. In the end, the Sugar Glider won. Here are Nutmeg and Buttercup the Sugar Gliders! Nutmeg (the boy) is on the left, Buttercup (the girl) is on the right. I’m pretty happy with these new mascots for Madison!


I hope you find this new incantation of Nutmeg and Buttercup cute and to your liking. I am off to run my CSS tutorial.




About banzaichicks

Illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist. Loves creating art in Corel Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator.
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  1. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve you guys to my personal blogroll.

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