End of 2011, New Characters and Online Stores…

Over a year has passed between blog entries. So many things have happened during the summer. My husband got a new job at Caesar’s Palace designing iPhone games. His Poker with Bob did so well that Caesar’s Palace bought the intellectual property from him and hired him as a consultant. We packed up in September and moved to Las Vegas. I quit my boring graphic design job and am an artist full time…yeah! Settling down took a while; finding a house to rent, unpacking and registering the cars. The first thing I tackled with my new found artist freedom was to redesign some mascots and create new ones for Banzai Chicks. I am working on a media bible, a comprehensive book that explains the universe, the character personality and the philosophy. So I had to wrack my brain with developing the back story. I was never happy with my bunny design and the ones I did of my own real life dogs. I wanted to design more Kawaii, cuter looking creatures. So here is a preview of the new critters, including a chibi version of my geisha girl. I decided to pen her Izumi. I created chinchillas for Madison and some extra dog and cat friends.

A punk girl and two doggies

Mika the Punk Girl and Freckles the Aussie and Ripley the Sheltie

Gothic Lolita and 3 bunnies

Penelope the Gothic Lolita and Snowball the Bunny

A persian cat, a raccoon and a geisha chibi

Izumi the Geisha Girl with Bandit the Raccoon and Noko the Persian Cat

Two dogs

Zuzu the Terrier Mix and Shep the Belgium Griffon (the smooth-haired version resembles a Pug)

Steampunk Girl and two chinchillas

Madison the Steampunk Girl and her two chinchillas, Nutmeg and Buttercup

I’ve also been busy working on my etsy store (especially in time for the holiday season), finally listing a bunch of jewelry I had left over from the San Diego Comic-con. I learned how to create better product photos of my merchandise by investing in a light box off of Amazon and a macro lens for my camera. I even ventured over to Michael’s the Craft Store and bought scrap booking papers to use as backgrounds. Creating a presence on Etsy takes a while, so I bought Etsy search ads, but in truth, I think listing new items in the store brings in more traffic than impressions. Too bad you are not paying for clicks like in Google Ads. Even so, I am spending $1/day (about 1000 impressions) for 2 weeks. Here is a link to my revamped store:


I also designed new t-shirts for my spreadshirt store. Since it is a print-on-demand online service, I can see how new ideas would work on shirts instead of actually manufacturing them. Spreadshirt is based in Australia, so shipping from them probably takes a while. I like their large inventory of clothing and they allow a larger placement of your design on their shirts (compared to zazzle and cafepress). Take a look at my new designs!


I also designed new skateboards for my zazzle.com store. I even made some stamps. I ordered them and they were awesome! I made sneakers earlier in the year and bought a pair. The workmanship was pretty cool. I was also very pleased, I haven’t worn them yet because I was afraid to get them dirty.


So that is all for now, I will try to be better about blogging in 2012!


About banzaichicks

Illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist. Loves creating art in Corel Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator.
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